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I first met Monica in Feb. 2011.  She had  been talking to a friend (log home builder in New Hampshire) whose business was unfortunately a casualty of the times.  My friend introduced us and the rapport was great from the start.  After doing this as long as I have it is clear that even in tough times it isn’t going to make sense to take on a project if either the builder or owner don’t have a good feeling about the other.

It was obvious from the beginning that this was going to be a custom designed log home and the budget was going to be tight.  Right from the start Monica was open to a couple of small design changes that afforded us the ability to design the project so as to be friendlier to the budget while not taking anything away from the original concept.  That isn’t always possible but this home provides a good example of where that can work and in the next blog I’ll show specifically what was done.


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We went to Lake George NY early this week to do a little work on a recently purchased log home built in the mid 1980’s.   We were there the week of the Americade  motorcycle rally.   Americade bills itself as the worlds largest motorcycle rally and adheres to the motto “Loud pipes risk rights.”  It was a great week to view beautiful bikes.  After a little repair work was done to the log home we gave it a good cleaning, (washing not cob blasting) a little new caulking and a few other touches and the home was ready for stain.

We used the four step Permachink method of primer sealer, two coats of stain and top coat to get the desired finished results.  The client was very happy and even to the point of saying when they first saw the home up for sale they never envisioned it could look so good.

We did a little interior refreshing with a permachink product that seals the logs and adds a slight sheen which brings out the beauty in the logs.  It’s a great look that allows the wood to breath and makes the logs much easier to keep clean.

The exterior now looks fantastic and the interior will be finished up soon.  I’d like to come back on a bike next year to check up on the home and spend more time touring the area with Americade.

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This rounded porch ceiling was exactly what the clients wanted.   We used 1×6 V-groove and it is a pretty tight curve being only 14″ from the corner from the beginning of the curve to the end.

While this porch is on a conventional home it could certainly be appealing on many log homes.  As a log home builder I look forward to offering this custom design in the future.

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